Bons Mots

Rub it in, San Francisco

I hate checking the weather these days. I mean, really San Francisco, couldn’t you at least pretend you have days of bad weather?


Making impressions

So it’s now been two weeks since I started my new job at Howcast. Boy, it’s been an eye-opening experience.

I remember my first day of DBC, thinking I was totally going to be ready for whatever they threw at me. I’d done the prep work, so I figured that meant I would be fine.

My first day at Howcast was a similar experience. To say I was overwhelmed is a bit of an understatement. I was prepared for lots of lines of Ruby code that I would have to sift through and tie together. I was not prepared for the abundant usage of outside libraries and gems. Every few lines had me opening up Google to figure out where the heck a specific command was coming from. It was daunting. I left work that day feeling more drained than I ever felt leaving DBC. All I did was go home and pass out.

So the next day I decided to get an early start and dive right back into code. I was the first person to arrive, but I had a key to the building. I unlocked the door, walked in, and heard a high pitched beeping.

Sooooo apparently the building had an alarm system that I had NO IDEA how to turn off. The high pitched beeping started escalating, much to my horror. 

Eventually all hell broke loose and the alarm started doing that scaring howling-siren thing. I decided it would probably be best to just lock the door again and go downstairs to wait for the cops. I would just explain to them that I was the foolish noob that didn’t know about the alarm, and hope I didn’t get arrested.

Turns out the cops never came, but I refused to go near the door again. I waited outside on the stairs until the next employee came up and opened the door. I now know the alarm code, but I refuse to be the first person in the office. If the door is locked when I arrive, I just make a coffee run. I think everyone at Howcast thinks I’m retarded, but idgaf.

Anyway, two weeks in, and I’ve finally gotten better at the code base, and learned about a TON of new gems in the process. Now when I read through the code, it’s less Google and more:

It’s been really great, though. Because there are only two of us on the engineering team, and we’re in the midst of writing the new apps, I’ve actually been able to sit down and write a fair amount of code. It generally gets torn apart, and changed a fair amount, but it’s still nice to know that you’re contributing. And I wrote more tests in two days than I did in my entire time at DBC. It’s been crazy.

In other news, it would be really great if New York would quite acting like Florida. There’s been torrential rain and outrageous humidity here for the last week. I keep telling myself it’s New York’s way of making me feel welcome.

Magic, courtesy of Ruby on Rails

I was sort of getting amused by all of our references to “Rails Magic” today, and then I remembered that during phase 2, Jeffrey was adamant about making sure that everyone knew computers don’t do anything magical. My reaction:

But it’s still magic, and I really need to work on learning the proper incantations.

In other news, I really need to work on having a bit more confidence in my code, instead of constantly doubting myself. Every time my pair questions what I’m doing, my immediate reaction is to doubt everything and berate myself for being so foolish. 

Today was great though, because I held my ground on writing some controller methods that wound up being surprisingly more helpful than even I had anticipated.

So basically, object oriented programming really is awesome, and once you start using it habitually, you’ll wind up with surprising, and awesome, results. <== that just made me feel like a spokeswoman (-__-)

Put, puts, and p

Today’s frustration: missing one character in my controller, and getting errors out the wazoo. Frig.

Note to self: NEVER use “puts” in the controller to test what you’re getting from the server. Missing that “s” can ruin your day. “P” it is!

Maybe when I’m done with thinking

I was mosey-ing around reddit yesterday and kept coming across those memes that feature the “scumbag” brain. My favorite was the one where you go to bed agonizing over how you have to wake up early, and wind up not sleeping for the entire night. I feel like I’ve been doing similar things, and barely sleeping enough.

It’s a vicious circle.

Today was amusing for me. I’m glad that the teachers at DBC have such high expectations for us, and call us out when we’re not pushing ourselves as far as we could be. Big thanks to Jeffrey for forcing my pair and I to write our code using object oriented javascript.

We definitely would have just powered through the problem and submitted crap code if it weren’t for Jeffrey’s prodding.

Working with the Twitter API today was a bit disorienting at first. I felt like I didn’t quite know where to start, and wound up looking through all the documentation, seeking enlightenment. It went something like this:

What I thought was going to be a hellish assignment wound up being quite fun. Still need to work a bit more on my ajax techniques, though. I feel like I psych myself out and overcomplicate things. My goal lately has been to act like ajax and I are best friends; I’m hoping I can fool myself into thinking it’s super-mega-uber-fun. Thus far, though, I wind up just laughing at myself. But really, ajax is awesome  d=(´▽`)=b 

God help the keyboards φ(^∇^ )

I find myself genuinely upset at the loss of another Sea Lion. When a fellow boot announced they were leaving the program today, I felt an intense sinking feeling. I hate that people who give up so much to be here, and put in 100% effort every day, still don’t make it through. I could see the effect on everyone’s face, including the teachers. It was rough. I can only say that I have the utmost respect to anyone who can step back and make such a decision.

People deciding to leave really solidifies the fact that this learning environment is not ideal for everyone. The pace is grueling. (✖╭╮✖)

I was highly amused by the afternoon lecture today. The Truth went through everything so quickly, it was a little disorienting. I felt like the majority of us wound up staring blankly at him…

As a fellow boot so sagely voiced when we were prompted for questions, “Where do I even start?”

On the bright side, I’m starting to feel a lot better about JS and ajax. Working through the JS Racer challenge today really helped me focus in on all the things I’ve been struggling with for the past few days… and it allowed for the fun use of fade ins and outs

I was really excited about the prospect of a fourth phase to DBC, focusing in on more front end. Being a TA is a little worrisome for me, since I seriously question my ability to teach others. I think it has something to do with the fact that when I explain things to people, I have a mental picture of what I’m talking about, and for some reason I’m always perturbed when others don’t share that mental image.

Eh, I’ll just have to work on it.

I’m hoping for the sake of all the keyboards at DBC, as well as my fingers, that we are starting to head towards the tail end of the JS Racer apps. I’m really way too competitive, even when it comes to a tiny little racing game. 

Pulling it together (⊙_◎)

After an entire week of illness, I’m finally starting to feel human again. I feel like it’s so easy to let yourself get run down here, especially through lack of sleep. I’m really working on staying on top of my sleeping habits, but it’s so hard leaving early from DBC (if 9p counts as early…)


 This morning was an exciting mix of rainbow buttons and jokes. It was the making of such a great day…until ajax came along…


Not even close to an exaggeration. I thought ajax and I had become friends after the group project. We had so many “AHA!” moments together. I feel like a jilted ex. Why, ajax? Why?!


All I have to say is kudos to Matthew for putting up with me towards the end of the day, because I was really starting to lose my cool. When a prospective teacher, who shall forever be known to us as The Truth, came up and in 5 minutes fixed a problem we had been struggling with for over an hour, I think my brain just hit shut down.


You know it’s time to go home when you start missing the obvious.

In other news, we learned how to create a gradient in CSS today:


Soooooooooooo beautiful…

Still reeling a bit after realizing that it’s already week 5 of DBC. Where is the time going?

My day, in gifs

Because there’s no better way to explain the emotional roller coaster that was this day…

7 am; getting to DevBootcamp:

8 am; waiting for the news on how the day was going to pan out:

10 am; working on the group project and having things go well:

10:45 am; starting the assessment:

11:30 am; when Shadi came over and told me my time was up:

11:45 am; when I walked away from the assesment:

12:30 pm; finishing the first part of the group project:

2 pm; finding out there was going to be another round of interviews for some people, and having Anne suddenly walk up and stand next to me:

4 pm; getting the email saying I was moving on to the next phase:

4:30 pm; hearing that 2 fellow boots weren’t continuing on:

5:30 pm; saying goodbye:


6:30 pm; “celebrating” the end of another week:

It’s funny how in a mere 3 weeks people can come to mean so much to you. 

On to phase 2, Sea Lions!